BestMailtourism was the first e-mail service for travel communications in Italy.
BestMailtourism has been for 19 years the leader in e-mail marketing in the Italian and international tourism. Implemented in 2001 by TUAT – Mailtourism Srl Company, it provides last minute offers and other travel communications.

BestMailtourism provides optimum visibility, continuous assistance and frequently updated data banks. Simple and intuitive, BestMailtourism e-mail marketing service facilitates communication between Italian and international tour operators.

Rapid evolution of information allows us new forms of B2B communication.

BestMailtourism has created a platform with the latest technology in order to provide e-mail marketing appropriate to tourism. The platform allows the autonomous sending of communication or by an operator.

If you choose to send your own communication, in less than a few minutes you will send the time, day and list wanted. Simple, fast and free training. We have updated international lists, but we can also use our own lists. Reporting requirements.

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Easy and intuitive, the new BestMailtourism gives you the possibility to choose the communications by a BestMailtourism operator or by you.

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Visibility of communications

In 2005 we noticed the exponential increase in travel communication and the more and more massively switching from fax to email.

BestMailtourism has created the first data base of offers sent:  user: 1001 pw: offerte

It is free and gives you the opportunity to immediately find the offer by searching for the desired destination.

Free and convenient  since 2005 it has been the friend of tour operators who can at any time find the desired offer

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